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Cleaning technology

Types of cleaning technology

◆When the circulating water system is cleaned with low pH value, the pH value can be controlled between 2.0 and 3.0, and the corrosion rate is far lower than the national standard

◆Single cleaning of melamine reactor and high concentration pickling with 20% nitric acid

◆Off line cleaning technology of low pressure ash water pipeline in coal chemical industry

◆High pressure water jet cleaning technology for single equipment

◆Cleaning technology of chemical equipment with low pH value without shutdown

◆Cleaning technology of decarbonization system

Types of cleaning engineering

The company is a professional company undertaking industrial cleaning engineering earlier in China, which is in a leading position in the industry. Main contract:

◆On line (on-line) and off-line chemical cleaning pre membrane engineering of circulating water system

◆Chemical cleaning and passivation engineering of single equipment (boiler, heat exchanger, tower tank, etc.) and pipeline

◆High pressure water jet cleaning

◆Chemical cleaning of equipment process side

◆Reverse osmosis online cleaning technology, reverse osmosis single membrane off-line cleaning

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